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Samber's Pain Rub


Our all natural pain rub is made with a coconut oil and bees wax base. We add all natural essential oils with specific healing properties that work together with the benefits of coconut oil and bees wax. Comes in a jar or a stick form for easy application. Shipping is 15 dollars for 3 day delivery for this reason we offer free shipping if you order 2 or more jars.

Samber's Lip Care


All natural! Coconut oil and bees wax base with a hint of peppermint. Wonderful for chapped lips and to keep your lips soft. As a surprise it works for cold sores on myself. One usually comes free with a pain rub order. Shipping by itself is more than the cost so we recommend ordering this product with others. Shipping is US mail 3 day shipping always. Shipping for this item is free with pain rub order Lip care comes in a roll up tube.